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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand

I read this when I was younger and did not enjoy it even then when I understand many people are captivated by the ideas it presents. I would have just forgotten about it like so many other mediocre books in the past, but my current employment brought it to my attention again. 


Both our CEO and company president claim this book as one of their favorites, one that influenced them. They think it is profound, they think that it is full of "truth" God help me, they really do. 


So I determined that I needed to revisit it, give it another chance. It was worse than I even remembered.


Not only is it full of misguided, fear-inducing "othering" of those with a different type of contribution to make or those with a differing set of values, but it is also just plain bad.


I am not someone who needs to like the characters in a narrative in order to enjoy or even love a story. I mean, F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite author, and he rarely writes anyone likable. But the main characters in this book are a child's idea of